Seattle Day 1| June 14 2017

The Seattle Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is an extremely beautiful and peaceful place. I feel like it’s a little overlooked. It’s not in the City Centre, and it’s definitely not an extremely touristy place (part of the appeal!)

In it’s late spring/early summer stages, everything is incredibly green and many of the trees and bushes are still blooming beautifully. I can’t imagine how gorgeous it would be in the autumn,  with all those trees on fire!

I would highly recommend checking this place out, should you ever find yourself in Seattle. You can do a guided tour, or just grab a brochure and go. On some days you can even see a tea ceremony.









Alki Beach

Alki Beach is across the bridge in West Seattle, which in itself is a really charming place. It’s a rocky beach that looks out  on Elliot Bay. It’s a great little place to people watch, and watch the ferries go back and forth.

I am told that in the colder months, you can even see seals and sea lions. Plus, there’s a lot of really cute restaurants running along the street behind the beach. It’s also a great place to collect shells and cool rocks!







Lake Superior, a poem


The lake’s large waves lapped

in with the wind

and kissed my feet.

A seagull sat,

hunched on a large rock,

hiding from the wind.

I stepped carefully along the beach

of smooth stones and driftwood,

inhaled the damp, fresh air

and looked out to the horizon

barely able to tell the sky

from the shoreline.

There was something so final about it,

and something so exciting.

Infinite possibilities

and unfortunate dead ends.

The beginning

and ending of something

at the same time.

The Importance of Noticing Details and Being Present

Details are so important. I live my live surrounding them. As an anxious person, there’s nothing more important than details. As a traveler, nothing should be more important than details.

But sometimes it’s really really hard to notice details when you’re travelling. It’s super easy to get caught up in looking at all the big things that everyone else is noticing. I mean once you lock eyes on the Eiffel Tower, you can’t really focus on anything else. Or at least, it’s really hard to focus on everything else.

I have come to love details the most. They’re my favourite things about travelling. All the big, amazing things are incredible, but the small things keep me learning. They keep me surprised and renewed and in love with where I am. They keep me present.

And being present is the most important part of travelling, because not only do you remember what you see, but you remember what you feel. Being a naturally very observant person, this probably comes more easily to me than a lot of people. You get a deeper meaning from everything that is happening to you. Unfortunately, you will probably miss it more because you formed a deeper connection.

A really good way to notice details and remain present is to journal, and journal about everything. Even if you don’t feel like what you’re writing is an important contribution, write it in there anyway. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise. Write about everything you see (draw it if  you can!), but go deeper. Also write about how it makes you feel, what you smell, what you hear, what you learned.  Even the most seemingly trivial details will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and remember when it is over. And take pictures! or videos! even of the most stupid stuff!













You won’t just remember that it  was raining when you were on the train to Germany, you’ll remember the way the rain drops looked and the sound they made when they hit the train windows. You won’t just remember the cute little cafe, you’ll remember the big fat orange cat that sat on the stone steps and watched you as you walked by. You won’t just remember eating pastries outside your favourite bakery, you’ll remember how the sun looked shining on the awnings, how the architecture of the building opposite looked, and how the summer breeze carried the smell of bread all the way down the street. You won’t just remember low tide in Venice, you’ll remember standing on the steps that are usually covered in water, the smell of the algae, and the sound of the waves.

Earth Day

I am a major appreciator of the Earth. I love appreciating it from a global perspective, because no matter where I go it is always the same Earth under my feet. It’s amazing to think that no matter how different the landscape is, it’s all on the same planet. No matter how different the people are, we all belong to the same Earth. We all dance under the same stars, we all wake up to the same sun and sleep under the same moon. I think that is beautiful. I think the Earth we share is beautiful.












We all share this Earth. It is solid, ever-changing, and incredible. It is not an expendable resource that we own, it is an intricate system that we are a part of.

Today I’m celebrating Earth Day by not making any trash.

Let the Earth know how much you love it. Hug some trees, pick up some trash, maybe even promise to eliminate some needless everyday waste like plastic straws. Every day is Earth Day when you respect our amazing planet!


Lake of the Ozarks pt. 2


“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars.”

– Jack Karoac




I honestly didn’t think I would like this place as much as I did. I ended up really enjoying my time in Lake Ozark, Missouri. I actually really would like to come back, but maybe just in less cold weather. It was like returning to winter, and the son refused to show his face. Which normally I would love, but I would have liked to see more greenery and the sun glimmering on the water. But all in all, it was a great trip. I enjoyed a couple of chilly walks to the docks, a brief (very brief) hike in the state park, and just staring at the lake (which is way bigger than I thought.)







Where I’d Rather Be, Vienna

Vienna is like my European home-away-from-home. (Hopefully one day I will simply call it home.) I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, dreaming of being there and doing all the things I love. Getting pastries and coffee from the bakery, going to the Kunsthistoriches museum, speaking German. Standing in line for €3 opera tickets, people watching outside of Stephansdom, sitting on a bench in Stadtpark. Honestly there’s no place I’d rather be right now.



Schonbrunn Palace gardens
Schloss Belvedere



Kunsthistorisches museum
One of my favourite gelato places


Austrian Parliament