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Lake of the Ozarks pt. 2

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars." - Jack Karoac I honestly didn't think I would like this place as much as I did. I ended up really enjoying my time in Lake Ozark, Missouri. I actually really would like to come back, but maybe just in less... Continue Reading →

Being Where I Am

Being where you are can be super difficult sometimes. Especially for international travellers like myself, who are often constantly sitting by our suitcases wringing our hands and plotting our next grand adventure. I've found it difficult to enjoy life as much when I'm not travelling. It affects my mental health, sends me spiraling. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Women’s March on Oklahoma 2017

7,000+ women (and men and even children) from all backgrounds and situations united by a common cause standing in solidarity with our sisters all over the world for our rights for our health for our voice for those who can't because women's rights are human rights to quote an awesome old lady marching behind me,... Continue Reading →

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

If you live in the Oklahoma area, the Wichita Mountains are a great place to get out and explore. I was feeling slightly claustrophobic, stuck in my bubble and missing travel. It was so so great to see new views, and mountains again. There are plenty of hiking trails and mountains to pick from, but... Continue Reading →

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