The Importance of Noticing Details and Being Present

Details are so important. I live my live surrounding them. As an anxious person, there’s nothing more important than details. As a traveler, nothing should be more important than details.

But sometimes it’s really really hard to notice details when you’re travelling. It’s super easy to get caught up in looking at all the big things that everyone else is noticing. I mean once you lock eyes on the Eiffel Tower, you can’t really focus on anything else. Or at least, it’s really hard to focus on everything else.

I have come to love details the most. They’re my favourite things about travelling. All the big, amazing things are incredible, but the small things keep me learning. They keep me surprised and renewed and in love with where I am. They keep me present.

And being present is the most important part of travelling, because not only do you remember what you see, but you remember what you feel. Being a naturally very observant person, this probably comes more easily to me than a lot of people. You get a deeper meaning from everything that is happening to you. Unfortunately, you will probably miss it more because you formed a deeper connection.

A really good way to notice details and remain present is to journal, and journal about everything. Even if you don’t feel like what you’re writing is an important contribution, write it in there anyway. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise. Write about everything you see (draw it if  you can!), but go deeper. Also write about how it makes you feel, what you smell, what you hear, what you learned.  Even the most seemingly trivial details will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and remember when it is over. And take pictures! or videos! even of the most stupid stuff!













You won’t just remember that it  was raining when you were on the train to Germany, you’ll remember the way the rain drops looked and the sound they made when they hit the train windows. You won’t just remember the cute little cafe, you’ll remember the big fat orange cat that sat on the stone steps and watched you as you walked by. You won’t just remember eating pastries outside your favourite bakery, you’ll remember how the sun looked shining on the awnings, how the architecture of the building opposite looked, and how the summer breeze carried the smell of bread all the way down the street. You won’t just remember low tide in Venice, you’ll remember standing on the steps that are usually covered in water, the smell of the algae, and the sound of the waves.

Italy pt. 2 | Florence

Florence is a place I might go back to, probably only in the winter. It is very hot in Italy in the summer time and I don’t love it, yet I live in the southern regions of America (but I don’t leave my house between May and August). But the temperature aside, Florence is a beautiful place. It’s not as famous as Rome, which I find kind of difficult to believe because it is so pretty.






The Duomo



Italy pt. 1 | Rome

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I have been to Rome twice, and both times my experiences were not great. It is not, and probably never will be my favourite place- and I will most likely not return. I won’t state the reasons because I don’t want to push anyone away from going, as it is a good place to experience (and some people who go really do love it). And that’s the thing about travelling- you win some and you lose some. You won’t meet a traveler who says they love every place they’ve been, but at the same time you won’t meet one who isn’t thankful for the experiences of those places either. My advice is to listen to other’s stories, but don’t let it scare you away from going to a place you really want to go. (Also my advice on Rome, should you wish to take it, is do not go in the summer if you can avoid it.) I honestly hate that I didnt enjoy my time in Rome, I wanted to love it so badly and I felt guilty about that not happening. So have your own experiences, then decide for yourself. Be unafraid, that’s what travelling the world is all about.

So without further ado, I give you Rome.


Coloseum and Roman Forum






We did go to Vatican City, and the Vatican Museum. I will not write about the museum because it was a horrible experience for me, and I did not take many pictures. Sorry.

Around the City





Fontana di Trevi 

One thing I really did enjoy is the Trevi Fountain. Even though I’d been to Rome twice, this was my first time to see it. If you are going to go, it really is a must. And then after, some friends and I walked around the city and the Coloseum at night. That was the thing I truly enjoyed about Rome. I would highly recommend wandering at night in this city- but with directions and not too late because it does start to get a little sketchy, if you know what I mean. I think Rome is even better at night, especially in the summer, because it’s not hot or crowded.



Of course my first impression of the Trevi Fountain was “wow it’s a lot bigger in real life”. And of course it’s so beautiful at night when it is lit up, along with the rest of the city. It was a good note to leave on.