The Importance of Noticing Details and Being Present

Details are so important. I live my live surrounding them. As an anxious person, there's nothing more important than details. As a traveler, nothing should be more important than details. But sometimes it's really really hard to notice details when you're travelling. It's super easy to get caught up in looking at all the big... Continue Reading →


Favourites #7 | Behind the Scenes of Munich

Flashback to the weekend of June 10, when I was travelling around Germany and Austria. It was raining when we trained into the city, but as soon as we exited the train station and realized that we forgot our umbrellas in our suitcases (which were in a station locker) it started to pour. We kept... Continue Reading →

I’ve Seen Heaven, It’s in the Mountains

I went to heaven this weekend, it's actually in the Bavarian ¬†mountains. After our day trip to Munich on my birthday, we trained further into Bavaria to a town called Berchtesgaden. Very near to Berchtesgaden is a little place called K√∂nigssee (King's Lake). Go there. Highly recommend. It's a [very large] lake surrounded by [very... Continue Reading →

Favourites #4 | Germany

Germany is honestly one of my favourite places. I love the German language and the culture and the history and definitely the food. Plus, it's absolutely gorgeous.   Now I will end with a quote from one of my favourite poets, who just so happens to be German, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Rest not. Life... Continue Reading →

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