Untitled, for Fall

Sister to the sun lit paths, And the golden changing leaves. Wrapped in the fresh air, My soul in the sky with with the sparrows. Oh to dream of mountains, And of stretching my aching legs, And of the lakes reflecting sunsets. So do what you will with this, My song for the lonely road.


Lake Superior, a poem

The lake's large waves lapped in with the wind and kissed my feet. A seagull sat, hunched on a large rock, hiding from the wind. I stepped carefully along the beach of smooth stones and driftwood, inhaled the damp, fresh air and looked out to the horizon barely able to tell the sky from the... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Spring Day

The clouds are low and dark and they blanket the sky like a wrinkled quilt of white and grey, but it doesn't rain not even a tell-tale drop. The heavy clouds hold the drops on the tips of their tongues like a secret. And below them, the trees, greener than I have ever seen, dance... Continue Reading →

Untitled #7

So many things are happening. Not entirely bad, not entirely great. Sometimes all at once, sometimes not enough. Mostly uncertainty, with a few rare spots of clarity. Equal parts anxious and excited. Well, maybe it's more of an 80-40 situation. I have moments of silence, And staccato bursts of happiness, And weeks when I feel... Continue Reading →

Self-Image 2017

Self /self/ noun a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action. So who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? What is important to me? What are my hopes, dreams, fears? What do other people see? What do I see? I am... Continue Reading →

There is Still Hope

In light (or not so light) of recent events in the world, it's really easy to give up and feel like there is no hope for the future of the human race. We have drifted into a present where racism, sexism, violence, and general hatred seem to be ruling the day. For me this has... Continue Reading →

A Role Model | Carrie Chapman Catt

“To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves.” Carrie Chapman Catt spoke these words in 1921 during a commencement speech she gave at her alma mater, Iowa State University. Her speech made history, as she was one of the first women in America... Continue Reading →


I'm a collector, but not in the physical sense of the word. I've never been particularly sentimental about objects. Like my bookshelf in the corner, covered head to toe in books and haphazardly strewn with cheap curios from tourist shops. Those random bits of painted wood and plastic don't mean anything to me, it's the... Continue Reading →

Cafe Stories

  I sit in the cafe and settle in for an afternoon of coffee drinking and writing. I look around at the cozy cafe, which is full to the brim of activity and regular customers ordering their usuals. I sit in the corner, with my coffee in one hand and pen in the other, at... Continue Reading →

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