Winter I


When Anxiety Wins

I've tried to write this post 3 times. Here we go. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to not be anxious, no matter how many preventive tools you employ, anxiety still wins. Sometimes things are just too big too soon. Sometimes you have to perform solo in front of people on a stage and... Continue Reading →

Mirror Messages

These are my mirror messages. They are just reminders and mini pep-talks and notes to self. They remind me to check in with myself. Looking in a mirror used to be such a physically focused thing for me. Now, I am constantly reminded that my mental health is just as important as physical health. They... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Spring Day

The clouds are low and dark and they blanket the sky like a wrinkled quilt of white and grey, but it doesn't rain not even a tell-tale drop. The heavy clouds hold the drops on the tips of their tongues like a secret. And below them, the trees, greener than I have ever seen, dance... Continue Reading →

Earth Day

I am a major appreciator of the Earth. I love appreciating it from a global perspective, because no matter where I go it is always the same Earth under my feet. It's amazing to think that no matter how different the landscape is, it's all on the same planet. No matter how different the people... Continue Reading →

Untitled #7

So many things are happening. Not entirely bad, not entirely great. Sometimes all at once, sometimes not enough. Mostly uncertainty, with a few rare spots of clarity. Equal parts anxious and excited. Well, maybe it's more of an 80-40 situation. I have moments of silence, And staccato bursts of happiness, And weeks when I feel... Continue Reading →

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