Everything is Beautiful, Let’s Keep it that Way


The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Today seemed like a good day to go to the park, climb into a creek, pick up some trash, and get laughed at by an old man. All in the name of nature.


But honestly, everything is so beautiful. The flowers are coming up and the trees are blooming. Why wouldn’t I climb into a creek to pick up aluminum cans and Styrofoam cups? God gave us such a lovely world. I want to make sure we can actually enjoy it.


Am I tired of climbing under bridges to pick up other peoples’ garbage? Yes. Am I tired of getting weird looks from passersby as I shimmy between trees to get a rogue plastic bag? Yeah. Does it seem futile? Sometimes.  But it is somehow worth it in the end, when I walk away with my cloth bag full of trash, knowing that I have done something to help the plants, animals, and people.


It would be easier if everyone stopped leaving their trash in nature, that is what the bins are for. Or even better, recycle! It’s actually so so easy.

Let’s keep everything as beautiful as possible.



One thought on “Everything is Beautiful, Let’s Keep it that Way

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  1. Hey there – way to be brave and pick up after other people’s poor habits where ever you are. You shouldn’t care what people think of you or say for it – you are doing a very noble thing. Curious – where do you bring the trash you pick up? I only ask because I often think when I’m noticing litter that I have a problem with it because it’s here, where it doesn’t belong, but the dump is no better. The dump is where nature used to be, it’s just the culturally acceptable place for litter now. Do you have a better solution? Are you able to recycle some?


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