Being Where I Am


Being where you are can be super difficult sometimes. Especially for international travellers like myself, who are often constantly sitting by our suitcases wringing our hands and plotting our next grand adventure. I’ve found it difficult to enjoy life as much when I’m not travelling. It affects my mental health, sends me spiraling. In fact, I am often discontent staying in one place for more than 5 months.

Which is obviously ridiculous, because I have nothing to be discontent about. I’m big on living in the moment, which I am very good at when I’m travelling, but when I’m not travelling my dis-contentedness gets in the way.


So I try to find little adventures to feed my soul and keep it satisfied until my next grand adventure, instead of sitting next to my suitcase going crazy.

As much as I hate the red dirt and wish I was seeing the mountains of Germany or the art of Vienna, I have to focus on what is happening now. As much as I wish I were in Europe buying a €1 baguette and speaking German, I have to learn to be content with where I’m at now.


Standing in nature gives me perspective. It is to hear the running water, to see the trees blossoming, and to inhale fresh air. It is to know that I am alive, that I am present, and that I am happy where I am.Snapchat-783480424.jpg


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