Kicking Plastic to the Curb with My Christmas Wishlist

To bo honest, I’m always a little late to the Christmas wishlist making party (and most other parties, but that’s usually a personal choice.) I just never seem to be properly prepared. By the time the 15th rolls around I’ve usually gotten my act together. I’ve never been into the consumerism side of the Holiday Season (it actually makes me really angry) so my list is always pretty different than my friends’ and families’. This year I’m a bit more decisive in the types of gifts I want to be giving and getting: meaningful ones that will mean something or make a difference  (or both.)

Anyway, here are some “zero waste” alternatives on my Christmas list! I’m hoping to eliminate all those pesky single-use plastics I still have in my life in this New Year. The things on this list will greatly assist me in my quest, plus they may spark curiosities and conversations with my friends and family about the Plastic Problem.

  1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I have a reusable water bottle already, but it is very inconvenient to clean and it has been through quite a lot in it’s life. Stainless steel is so much easier to clean, and more hygienic. Not to mention metal can be recycled an infinite amount of times while keeping it’s durability. A much more sustainable option than even a reusable plastic one, like I have now.
  2. Stainless Steel Straws. Oh, plastic straws. Why were you even invented in the first place? I stopped using single-use straws a while back. They’re just another one of those pesky, but all-too-common, and yet seemingly harmless little devils that will end up polluting the oceans. Mostly all I drink is water from my water bottle, but when I have smoothies and other stuff I want a straw sometimes. And maybe having one to carry to restaurants with me will help the waiter remember that no really, I do not want a straw. 
  3. Biodegradable Toothbrush. Again, why? Made of plastic, with plastic bristles, wrapped and packaged in plastic. And it can’t even be recycled when you’re done with it. Needless to say, a biodegradable option is much much more sustainable. Most are made of bamboo, which I love. Sadly, from what I’ve seen most brands have not yet discovered a solution to the plastic bristles.
  4. Tote Bags. Plastic bags are always a no. I love the little reusable bag I have now. It is always with me, wherever I go. It can fold down to pocket size, so it is very convenient. I do, however, want some in varying sizes and designs. Ones that I can switch out every now and then, but still fit in my bag for when I’m popping over to the store or on-the-go.

As always, I am constantly working and growing to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.


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