There is Still Hope

In light (or not so light) of recent events in the world, it’s really easy to give up and feel like there is no hope for the future of the human race. We have drifted into a present where racism, sexism, violence, and general hatred seem to be ruling the day. For me this has hit especially close to home with the recent US election. With events and results like this, it’s easy to feel like your voice wasn’t heard – that it won’t be heard. And that is enough to make you feel hopeless and insignificant. But there is still hope.

You still have a voice, even if you feel like it won’t be heard and you feel too afraid to raise it. Every day, you have millions of opportunities to cast a vote. You can make small differences and start chain reactions based on just one seemingly insignificant decision. We cast votes with our money, with our time, our words, our actions. Speak out against the injustices done to other people, animals, the planet. Donate to international relief organizations. Volunteer. Don’t be afraid to change your lifestyle, actions speak louder than words. 

We choose the world we live in.

Now, more than ever, is the time to start living by your values. Don’t live for the present, live for the future. If you’re unhappy with something now, don’t wait for tomorrow to come to change it. Become an activist and speak out in small ways. Those small ways will lead to bigger ways. Focus on making positive changes in your personal life, your community, and eventually the world.

We’re living in a dark world, but if everyone lit a candle, we could flood it with light.


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