Favourites #7 | Behind the Scenes of Munich

Flashback to the weekend of June 10, when I was travelling around Germany and Austria.


It was raining when we trained into the city, but as soon as we exited the train station and realized that we forgot our umbrellas in our suitcases (which were in a station locker) it started to pour. We kept walking towards the Neue Pinakothek, but eventually we had to stop under a building and wait a bit because the streets were flooding and the skies were pouring down in buckets. But we made it to the museum, only slightly soggy. If you ever get the chance to go to Munich, I highly reccommend going to the Neue Pinakothek (in English: New Picture Gallery). It’s an amazing museum that has some amazing compositions. I crossed a lot of stuff off my Art Bucket List here, including more Van Gogh (!!!!!) and Monet.



And we can’t forget the coffee. That would be a tragedy.


I think I made it my personal mission to try the coffee at least twice in every city. It worked out pretty well, there was only a little shaking.


Despite (or perhaps because of) the gloomy and cool weather, Munich was absolutely one of my favourite cities to visit this summer. Like a lot of cities in Europe, it’s a strange mixture of the very old and the modern. I was glad I got to see it, even if for only about 10 hours. Absolutely go if you ever get the chance.

Full Munich post here

Posts about my other travels this summer and beyond can be found here.



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