It’s hard to think that this trip is truly over. I feel as if I was only gone for one week instead of six, but at the same time I feel as if it’s been six years. Coming home from a long trip abroad is weird. It’s awkward to start re-learning how to do things normally, not to mention stressful when everyone and their great-aunt wants to ask you how your trip was. Of course it’s also turning the page on that chapter of my life, and those endings are always filled with mixed emotions. Words can’t really express all the things I’m feeling right now, all the emotions that I had invested in this month and a half journey.

All together I experienced 8 countries, ate a lot of really good food, and made a lot of new friendships. I learned culture and language and history and art. I travelled with 23 other people that quickly became my family. I lived in Vienna, which quickly became my home. These are bonds not easily broken, nor do I wish to break them.

My point is, I had a whole different lifestyle the passed six weeks, and now that I’m home I can begin to process all of that. One could say that I’ve begun mourning the trip and the travel and the lifestyle.

Of course there will be things that I continue to do, even now that I’m back home. There will be things that I always carry with me.

Little moments- like walking home from from the grocery store in the rain, like getting gelato at sunset with some of my favourite people- will stay with me forever. And there will be some moments that get lost entirely, overshadowed by intense emotions brought on by standing in the middle of Westminster Abbey or looking at van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings. Not all are pleasant memories, of course. Some I will look back on and feel angry or uncomfortable or stressed out, because travel isn’t always a honeymoon.

But that is not the point. The point is, I’ve learned and experienced so much- some of it life-changing. I’ve made some amazing new friends, and my trip would not have been the same without them. I did and dreamed and thought so much, felt so much on this trip. I will continue to learn from the experiences that I had, and I will continue to be friends with the students.

It will live in my heart forever

But now it’s time to process the trip, come down off of my ‘travel high’, and move on to the next adventure.


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