Travel Diaries: Brno and Bratislava

In addition to Budapest, we also visited Brno, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia last weekend. We went to all the B cities. So, this post will come to you in 2 parts: Brno and Bratislava.

Brno, Czech Republic 

Brno is an interesting city. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I especially enjoyed Old Town, with all the pretty buildings and churches. I liked the feeling of being in a smaller city, instead of the big and busy cities we’ve been going to. And like Budapest, we climbed about 890236926 stairs, also up the steep hill to the fortress. So at least I got some exercise. In all honesty it was a pretty city with a gorgeous view from the fortress. Plus, I ate the best (and spiciest) veggie burger ever. We also stumbled upon a cultural festival, with traditional music and everything. It was a gret opportunity to people watch and learn about the culture of the region. I really enjoyed Brno.





The Fortress



Bratislava, Slovakia 

Bratislava was a really cute place. It’s full of old world charm, especially old town. It had a very different vibe than other places I’ve been visiting. We walked through old town most of the time, with the exception of walking up the hill to castle (yet again). I enjoyed looking at all the little buildings and the welcoming spirit of the people on the cobbled streets. And of course, time I would like to see more of the city, not just old town.





The Castle




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