Literally a Fairytale

… or Hallstatt, Austria. 

This weekend was a little crazy. First free travel weekend on the program and I travelled around 2 countries and 6 different towns, and saw many many mountains. Amoung those 6 towns were Munich and Königssee, and Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is a charming little town sandwiched between mountains and the Hallstätersee. It’s been around since about 800 BCE. It’s so probably the most charming little town I’ve ever seen.


It’s also very tiny, and took about 30 minutes to walk the length of the town. But that only contributes to it’s adorable village-ness.



It was fairly easy to get to, considering it’s location and our location in relation to it. It only took one short train ride and a 7 minute boat ride. And of course the first thing that greets you are the amazing colourful houses.


I’ll take one in every colour please.





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