One thing that has been made clear to through all my travels is this: it takes dragging you out of your comfort zone to make you realize what is constant and steady, what you take for granted, and what is superfluous.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately (when am I not), but more specifically what is superfluous and what is constant. As some of you may know from previous posts, I am constantly aware of superfluous items and I try my best to live without them. However since this trip, I’ve been thinking about the superfluous noise I put into my life. All the things that don’t matter, but I make a big deal out of it anyway; and all the things that are constant and do matter, yet I take for granted. Travel has a way of forcing you to reprioritize.

I know now that I desire to live slowly, learn a lot and love as much. In America at least it is largely about doing as many things as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Because of this culture, life passes in a blur. It’s so centered on what comes next and what comes next and so on. It drives me crazy that this is how I do things, that this is my “comfort zone”. I just want to live intentionally, in every way possible. Maybe that’s why I love travel so much, because you have to be intentional about what you do and how you do it. I’m not exactly sure how to put it into words.

Sometimes I feel like I have two halves of myself fighting inside me. One half urges me on to intentional living and travel, the life I want; while anxiety tugs at me, begging me to return to “normalcy” and my “comfort zone”, even if I hate it.

And is it comfort or is it just habit?

It’s so incredibly easy to return to habit or comfort, or the comfort of habits- but it’s not always for the best. I want to be what I dream of being and do what I dream of doing. I’m a firm believer that if you’re not happy about what you’re doing or being, then you have the power to change it.

Comfort is no good reason for standing still.




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