Wilkommen aus Österreich


I am now in Vienna, Austria- where I will be living for the next month. This is my second time to do this program, and my second time to live in Vienna. Vienna is a wonderful city. I fell in love with it a little over four years ago when I was here last, and I haven’t stopped pining for it since. If the other students I’m travelling with don’t fall in love with it by the end of the month I’ll be a bit worried. It’s probably my favourite city, and where I dream and hope I will end up living.

The street the apartments are on is lined with colorful buildings and shops with flower boxes on the window sills. The little church with a green steeple down the street chimes every half hour. People sit on the patios of the small bakeries and cafes and sip their coffees, exchanging news and gossip in lovely German. (Not a lot of people like the German language, I guess because it is so harsh sounding, but I have always loved it). The culture here is very fitting for me, and Vienna has such an interesting history (I encourage you to look it up and read about it, as it isn’t so well known yet fascinating). Little nods toward what came before are everywhere, even in the sidewalks and street signs. If I were as old as I feel I would be living here.

Pictures don’t quite do this wonderful city justice, but I can always try.








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