Spring Slump pt. 1


At this point, I’m completely ready for the school year to be over. So much test anxiety is built up in the weeks leading to exam season, the test anxiety is worse than the tests themselves. Worrying about not knowing exactly what is going to be on the test, about being prepared enough, about studying enough, about not missing anything- the list goes on. To say it’s a stressful time would be an understatement. Exam Season… where students go to die. 

We’ve gotten to that point in the year that I like to refer to as the Spring Slump. It’s a time of mental and physical exhaustion. The point in the year where you either have so much to do but don’t have any motivation to do it, or you have little to do and too much motivation. It’s really  hard to balance the two voices in my head: on one hand there’s “just one more chapter and then I’ll put the novel down”, and on the other there’s “panic! panic! panic! too much on the to-do list!”

For now it seems like there are not enough hours in the day, and you may not cross absolutely everything off on your to-do list, but just relax. School is almost over. Grab a friend, listen to good music, drink some tea, and get done what you can get done.



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