Bubble Nightmares

I love routine. It keeps me organized, healthy, and happy (ish), and I never have to think. But most importantly, it keeps me in my Bubble- a place of comfort and security, where nothing ever changes ever and I do the same thing in the same place every day, for the rest of my life.

Really, I do love routine. It keeps the chaos at a minimum and my anxiety down. However, the Bubble gets old.

I don’t want to do the exact same things every day for the rest of my life. I don’t want to just go to the same places and see the same people. While I like being in my comfort zone, I don’t want to be there all the time- not really. I want to explore and try new things, and then return to my comfort zone to recharge.

Maybe it’s the world traveler in me, but what can I say? Exploring and learning is what people are supposed to do. Our brains can hold so much information, and you have so much potential and so many gifts. Why not try something new? Why not explore? Life is all about the new. It’s about conquering the uncomfortable and experiencing something you’ve never done before.

Honestly that’s all I want to do. Since the first time I experienced travel, I knew I would never be able to go back. That’s what I want out of life: experiencing new things, new cultures, new history, new people, new places, new foods. Just watching, learning, absorbing.

I want to walk on ground I’ve never walked on, watch the sunrise over different hills.

If I never leave my little Bubble, I won’t grow. Maybe I’ll become too comfortable to want to grow. That’s my nightmare.



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