Modern Communication

Okay so this week I’ve noticed just how fantastic modern communication methods actually are. Now a days, we all take it for granted. Everyone has at least three or four social media outlets and texting is an expected norm. I’ve grown up in a very tech centered culture, so I’ve never stopped to say “wow I just sent words to my family in Iowa and they replied in less than thirty seconds”. It truly is amazing that I can do that and not wait four weeks for a letter.

My cousin Holland and I have always been pretty close, but lately we’ve been communicating a lot more and it’s been the greatest thing. We both decided we were getting out of bed for the wrong reason: we were motivated to start our days because we needed to be productive. Don’t get me wrong, being productive is important, but it shouldn’t be the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. I had been waking up and before my feet even hit the floor I would think, “today you have to do geometry and then crank out some German and then clean your room and then and then…” Which wasn’t very healthy, because when I didn’t check absolutely everything off my to do list I would beat myself up about it and start the whole process over again. Eventually that became insufficient motivation for me to get out of bed at a reasonable time. We decided we wanted to have coffee and a Bible study every other morning of the week, and wake up with God and conversation with each other. Which is the best, except she lives three hours away.  How were we going to accomplish this? Video calls! We’ve only had one, but they’re already the highlights of my week.

I feel infinitely blessed that I live in an age and a place where I can just wake up and press the call button and be having coffee with Holland three hours away. Plus, starting the day at a reasonable time with a Bible study and one of my favorite people (and coffee) really does set my day on the right track.




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