Hello all (like all two of you). I’ve been inspired to resurrect my blog and get my thoughts and ideas out there. So here we go again. I haven’t written a blog post since this summer, and I’m slightly out of practice so bear with me yeah? Great. Thanks.

What to begin with? So much has happened since June, I was just too lazy to write about it and then I forgot to write about it and then I remembered to write about it but there was too much to write about so i just didn’t. I’ll just update you on a few main points:

  1. Still home-schooled(ish)- I’m now a member of a co-op, which is basically a school for homeschoolers
  2. Still working on graduating high school (which contrary to popular belief is like having a full time job) and high school math is still the bane of my existence
  3. I can now legally drive
  4. We finally got an adorable little furry friend- a rabbit! We christened him Neville (Harry Potter character inspired of course)20160126_133446
  5. We are preparing to go back to Europe on another Study Abroad trip in May

I guess that’s really it. Wow only four things. Okay well more to come.

Finally, a poem for your Friday…

So, I close

my eyes

to old ends

and open

my heart to



-Nick Frederickson

(Also another thing I want to do on my newly resurrected blog… poetry. Both poems written by others and my own, because I’ve been writing poems for years now but never shared them with any one. I just felt like they either weren’t good enough or they were too personal. Poetry is the way I get things off my chest. I feel things very deeply and putting that on paper has always been the best way for me to make sense of life.)




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