Birthdays & Bucket Lists

Well, yesterday was my birthday. It was a good one, despite the fact that I was forced by quickly approaching deadlines to do school on my birthday. Ah well… what can you do? It began with a German-style breakfast (I miss those so much) and if a day begins with that, how can it not be fantastic? My mom made me a cherry pie, I bought Pei Wei for dinner, found a renaissance poetry book at the used book store, and my friends and I spent the evening together. And not to mention I received some videos of my lovely friends over in Hildesheim serenading me with a chorus of Happy Birthday; which really meant a lot to me. It was fantastic.

Now a year older, the first order of business is to finish school. The second… to completely clean and reorganize everything. I need to turn over a new leaf. Upon returning home from Germany, I realized I have so much stuff. And it’s all basically lying around everywhere and completely disorganized. It’s just hard to breath, you know?

Also, I’m including the bucket list I told you about because I can and because I actually think I completed it (which is probably a lie).

The summer bucket list:

  • do something that puts you out of your comfort zone at least once a week.
  • enjoy staying up late.
  • knit a cactus.
  • read…lots.
  • make floral letters.
  • embroider.
  • reorganize & redecorate room.
  • make a Germany photo album
  • paint dresser
  • finally finish my novel(letta)
  • design
  • make things in mugs
  • add to vinyl collection
  • flea market
  • read German poetry
  • take a picture everyday for the whole summer
  • hike
  • swim
  • dye my hair
  • star gaze
  • drive
  • summer classes at the university
  • speak German
  • write my own poetry
  • eat healthy
  • catch fireflies

Today’s New Experience… watching a cartoon from Japan (dubbed over in English).


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