Back Home.

So here I am, after thirteen hours of flying and thirty hours with no sleep, back home and writing from my bedroom. I’ve got to say that it feels better than I thought it would. I’ve had some extremely good luck getting over jet lag, and I had two solid, long nights of sleep. But it’s still hard adjusting.

Coming down off that high of traveling and adventure and returning home is difficult. I never expected the world at home to just stop when I left for Germany, but in returning home I’m finding that I didn’t think about things happening while I was gone either. It’s what I refer to as the Gap. The Gap is that state you find yourself in when you get back from an adventure and there’s this new space between you and everyone and everything that happened at home while you were gone. It goes away with time.

I’ve also been bursting to tell the whole wide world about all my adventures and the people I met and what I  saw and what I ate and how I felt about that one statue of a guy riding a camel and basically every single detail. But, sadly, not everyone actually wants to hear about it. Every single person I talk to in the next week or two will ask me “how was your trip?” but I’ve got a maximum of thirty seconds to sum it all up before their eyes glaze over, so I’ve been working on my speech. And maybe writing all the details down, because I never want to forget and I can’t keep it all bottled inside or I’ll burst; and there really is a certain point where people stop appreciating hearing the words “there was this one time in Europe…”

So back home feels good, but to help me adjust I’m going to need to keep busy by finishing school, completing my summer bucket list (which I may or may not share on the blog later), and finding other ways to insert moments of random spontaneity (just to keep me on my toes).

I posted most of the photos from my trip in posts, but if you want to see some more, go here.


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